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  • Graphite Fluoride

    Graphite Fluoride

    Graphite Fluoride is used as Solid lubricants, nuclear reactor neutron moderators and electrode active materials, reflective materials, etc. Graphite Fluoride is widely used as an active material for high-energy batteries. Graphite Fluoride replaces fluorine as the positive active material, and combined with metal gallium and an organic solvent dissolved in LiBF4 or LiClO4, it can form a battery with high output power, high energy and high density. From the battery sequence point of view, the combination of F 2 and Li is ideal, but F2 has strong oxidizing properties and is very difficult to use. Based on the idea that fluorinated graphite can keep active fluorine in a solid state, Watanabe et al. used Graphite Fluoride as a battery active material. In a non-aqueous battery composed of Graphite Fluoride as the cathode and kangpoule as the anode, fluorine is stored in solid graphite, making the graphite an active material, creating favorable conditions for the energy density and stability of the battery. Practice has confirmed that Graphite Fluoride batteries have great advantages in potential stability and energy density. According to the degree of fluorination, Graphite Fluoride can be divided into: The low fluoride graphite: CF (0-049) The medium fluoride graphite: CF (0.5~0.99) The high fluoride graphite: CF (1.0~1.25).

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