98% sodium molybdate

  • 98% Sodium Molybdate

    98% Sodium Molybdate

    98% Sodium Molybdate is widely used as a metal corrosion inhibitor, scale remover, bleach accelerator, and skin and hair protectant. The combination of 98% Sodium Molybdate and water-soluble sulfide can provide lubrication and sustained release in cutting fluids and metal forming materials. 98% Sodium Molybdate can be obtained by oxidative roasting of molybdenum concentrate to generate molybdenum trioxide, and leaching with liquid alkali to generate sodium molybdate solution, which can be obtained after suction filtration, concentration, cooling, centrifugation and drying. 98% Sodium Molybdate is divided into two specifications according to different purposes, MSN-2 and MSN-3.

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  • Sodium Molybdate Powder

    Sodium Molybdate Powder

    As a chemical raw material, industrial grade Sodium molybdate powder is used to manufacture reagents for alkaloids and other substances, as well as dyes, molybdenum red pigments, catalysts, molybdenum salts and sun resistant Lake precipitants. Analytical grade sSodium molybdate powder can be used to determine alkaloids and glycosides, determine the total phosphorus and effective phosphorus content of phosphate fertilizer calcium superphosphate, test protein-free blood filtrate and serum protein. Sodium molybdate powder can also be used as corrosion inhibitor. Sodium molybdate powder is divided into four specifications according to different purposes, MSN-t, MSN-1, MSN-2 and MSN-3.

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